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The 2016 McDonald’s AFL 9s Classic is an exciting new event taking place November 25-26, giving all AFL enthusiasts the chance to play the social game for fun and win great cash prizes in the heart of Sydney. Here you will find some important information about the event:

How do I register?

Simply click here to complete the registration form. You will need to provide your contact details and specify the competition you will be entering to complete the registration.

What competition should I enter?

There are currently four different competitions planned as follows:

Open: This is the most competitive grade for men and women. This competition is for people who have experience playing McDonald’s AFL9s or community football and consider themselves to be of a medium to high skill level. There is no restriction on the mix of men and women in your ‘Open’ grade team.

Mixed: This competition is also for men and women, but is targeted at low to medium skill level players. It will be less competitive than the ‘Open’ grade, and is for people who haven’t played either McDonald’s AFL9s or community football in the past. You must have at least 3 women in your team to be eligible to play in the ‘Mixed’ grade competition.

Men’s: This is a male only competition for all skill levels.

Women’s: This is a female only competition for all levels of skill.

Over 35’s – mixed: Social teams of players aged 35 years and over (any mix up of genders.) A maximum of two players on your team list can be under 35 years of age.

Do we need to pay a deposit to secure our spot?

You must provide a credit card payment of $500 a minimum before Tuesday 22nd of November to confirm your entry. The deposit will be returned in full if you play all your fixtured games.

 When will the deposit be returned to me?

Your $500 deposit will be returned in full to the original card by Wednesday 7 December 2016, following your participation in the event. The deposit will not be returned to you if you do not participate in the event and do not advise the AFL of your cancellation prior to 11 November 2016.

What happens after I register?

After completing a valid registration you will receive a confirmation email advising you of the applicable next steps. If you have any questions during this time please email afl9sclassic@afl.com.au

When do we need to finalise our team list?

Each team captain must submit their team list no later than 5pm Thursday 23

November 2016. No other players can be added or removed from the team list after this


What if we change our mind?

If you change your mind then to ensure you receive your deposit back in full you must contact the AFL via email (afl9sclassic@afl.com.au) before 5pm Friday 11 November.

What are the rules of McDonald’s AFL9s?

Please visit our program page to view all the McDonald’s AFL9s game rules: http://afl9s.com.au/rules/


When will fixtures be available?

Fixtures will be available on Wednesday 23 November 2016. You will receive an email notification at this time advising you of your fixture. Team captains will be contacted by the AFL if any amendments to the fixture have been made. We advise team captains to regularly check the McDonald’s AFL 9s Classic website for finals game times and field locations.

Where can I book flights?

As the official airline partner of the AFL, Virgin Australia offers competitive fares to Sydney. Visit www.virginaustralia.com to find flights.

Where can I book accommodation?

There is an abundance of accommodation options in Sydney. Visit www.booking.com to find hotels to suit your budget.

What do we need to wear?

All teams members need to wear a uniform of the same colour. There must be no

offensive images or words on team uniforms. If the Competition Manager determines

that your team uniforms contains offensive images or words then  team will be asked to

find an alternative uniform.

What footwear do I wear?

Players should wear runners. No football boots will be allowed in this competition.

Umpires will be monitoring this requirement.

How many games will we play?

Teams will play a minimum of 3 games and a maximum of 6 over the two day


What happens at the end of a game?

Team captains must sign off on the scorecard at the end of each match. Before they sign

off they should check that they believe the scorecard is correct. In the case of any

disputes the competition manager’s determination on the matter will be final.

What happens in the event of a drawn match?

Drawn matches will mean that game points are split between both teams. In the

unlikely event that a finals match is drawn and a winner is needed then the ‘golden

score’ rule will apply. In this case the victor is determined base on whichever team

obtains the next score.

What happens in the case of a forfeit?

If a team forfeits any game then they forfeit their $500 deposit. A forfeit will

be called when a team is more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled game. A

minimum of 5 players are required to avoid a forfeit.

Where do we go on Friday 25th November?

More information will be supplied to you in the lead up to the McDonald’s AFL 9s Classic regarding welcome locations. We recommend players check their fixture to check their first game time and location.

What do we do when we arrive at the venue?

Each player must sign in at the beginning of each match. Players may be asked to show a

formal identification card (ie. Driver’s license etc) if there is any discrepancy over their

listing on the team sheet.

 What policies should we be aware of?

Drugs/Alcohol policy

Any player believed to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be asked to

leave the competition location immediately.

Weather policy

In the event of adverse weather the competition manager may choose, at their

discretion, to cancel or

postpone games. In the event of this occurring they will make the best endeavors to

contact team captains and reschedule games. If games are not able to be rescheduled

then teams finishing higher on the ladder will go through to the next round.

Heat policy

If the temperature reaches more than 36C then the competition will be postponed.

Please note that in adverse weather games may be shortened and/or breaks may be

extended at the competition manager’s discretion.

How is prize money distributed?

Team captains that have won or placed in a division with a cash prize will be contacted before 2 December 2016 to provide bank details to allow prize money to be delivered to successful teams. It is the captain’s responsibility to manage prize money amongst their team.

Prize money breakdown:

Open Winner $10,000
  Runner Up $5,000
  Semi final $2,000
  Semi final $2,000
  Quarter final $1,000
  Quarter final $1,000
  Quarter final $1,000
  Quarter final $1,000
Men’s Winner $4,000
  Runner Up $2,000
  Semi final $1,000
  Semi final $1,000
Women’s Winner $4,000
  Runner Up $2,000
  Semi final $1,000
  Semi final $1,000
Mixed – over 35s Winner $4,000
  Runner Up $2,000
  Semi final $1,000
  Semi final $1,000
Mixed Winner $4,000
  Runner Up $2,000
  Semi final $1,000
  Semi final $1,000
TOTAL $55,000

PLUS an additional $5000 in Spot Prizes up for grabs!

 Who can I contact if I have any other questions?

Please contact afl9sclassic@afl.com.au if you have any questions related to the 2016 McDonald’s AFL9s Classic. Please note these rules may be updated from time to time and we recommend you checking