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Blind Mullets Prepare for AFL 9s Tournament at Patersons

Originating from the Volleyball Court in the early 90’s, the Blind Mullets are looking forward to playing under lights in the Over 35’s division of the 2014 AFL 9s Tournament at Patersons Stadium!

This all-star 11 have won 26 premierships between them in various leagues across Western Australia but are chasing one final flag to show dependable David Glass what premiership glory feels like.

Player Profiles

Tim Gibbons: Played in 10 premierships

Andrew Gosling: Can dominate with his height and skill – largest bird species known to man

David Glass: Dependable centre half forward – still aiming for that last chance of premiership glory after losing GF in 2002

Jeff Singleton: Silky skills on both sides – however body can be fragile

Denym ‘Denim Jeans’ Witherow: Don’t get him angry – known to get upset at opposition and own team mates

Phil Baulding: A smaller human that can duck and weave like no other

Dan Collins: Game winner – can change the tide on his own run and foot

Jason ‘Pig’ O’keeffe: A strong force – captain of many

Gavin Mills: Can play this form of game

Craig Baines: Kicked 170 goals in a season

Scott Bruce: Speed and fitness he will bring

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