Find your nearest AFL 9s Competition

Please use the marketing collateral provided below to promote your McDonald’s AFL 9s competitions:

Style Guide
Digital Asset 400 x 400
Digital Asset 595 x 100
Digital Asset 621 x 100
Digital Asset 728 x 90
Digital Asset 851 x 315 (Facebook)
Digital Asset 300 x 250 (MREC)
Website skins
Business Cards
Posters (x6)

To use the editable flyers below please follow these steps:

  • click on the link to download
  • then right click and save to your computer
  • once saved to your computer open the file using Adobe Reader
  • you will then be able to edit the blanks section of the flyer with four lines of text by clicking on each line
  • once you have inserted your venue details click file, save as to save the final flyer to your computer
  • you can then arrange to print these flyers and distribute as you wish

Editable Flyer 1
Editable Flyer 2
Editable Flyer 3
Editable Flyer 4
Editable Flyer 5
Editable Flyer 6